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Letter to the Editor: Be Very Careful What You Wish For, Westville

The citizens of Westville should be made very aware of what they are voting for — and no Community Cat Program should be approved without a Community vote.

The Community should know that they would be approving the creation of “managed” feral cat colonies, of unrestricted size, that could be supported by any of their neighbors. They would be helpless to prevent the deaths of birds and small mammals and reptiles in their own yards, or to prevent the paw prints on their cars, or to prevent the smell of cat urine and poop (containing toxoplasmosis oocysts) in their gardens and sandboxes – because the cats are legally protected.

There will be some pitiful deaths, some from infection or failed sutures due to the perpetually premature post-op release of neutered cats in Trap/Neuter/Re-abandon programs and some from the human cruelty/predation/disease/trauma to which outdoor cats are vulnerable. Rarely are enough of the cats trapped and neutered to prevent the colony’s growth, and rarely do the proponents of these programs acknowledge the threats to public health or the cruelty to wildlife created by concentrations of feral cats.

Be very careful what you ask for, Westville.

Ms. Page S Williams
Houston TX

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