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Westville Mayor Provides Updates on Several Redevelopment Projects

An update on several redevelopment projects taking place throughout the Borough of Westville.

In a recent newsletter, Westville’s Mayor, Fitz Sims, Jr. provided an update on several redevelopment projects taking place throughout the Borough.

Mayor Sims wrote:

Over the past two years, Council has made redevelopment in Westville a major priority by aggressively and proactively meeting with investors, prospective business owners, and redevelopers to invest in the Borough of Westville.

We continue to network with the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce and the Gloucester County Department of Economic Development to help us keep our momentum as we move forward with our nedevelopment plans.

Unfortunately, for many years, houses, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings in the downtown area have become vacant, blighted eyesores, and obviously in need of redevelopment.

However, through the current governing body’s and administrative staff’s actions, we are starting to see major improvements occurring around town that we hope you have noticed.

The Borough has also been encouraging new business owners to conduct grand openings and ribbon-cutting ceremonies to promote their business in our community.

Some of the improvement projects are:

West Park Apartments at 910 Gateway Blvd.

Property records show that the West Park Apartments property sold for $3,750,000 in May, 2021.

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Woodbine Apartments at 300 Broadway

The Woodbine Apartment property was recently purchased by the same owner who is redeveloping West Park Apartments.

Property records show that the apartments sold for $4,510,000 in March, 2022.

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124 Broadway

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Property records show that 124 Broadway (the old Bob Dick Building) sold for $185,000 in December, 2021.

Westville Square at 201 Broadway

At a Special Meeting on March 10, 2022, Westville Borough Council unanimously approved an Ordinance, which authorized the purchase of Westville Square for $295,000 for the express purpose of continuing efforts to revitalize the downtown business district.

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Rita’s Steak House & Pizza Building at 185 Broadway

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According to property records, 185 Broadway last sold for $150,000 in June, 2009.

Mayor Sims concluded by writing: “The governing body will continue to address the vacant homes issue in the Borough and would like to thank the above property owners for investing in Westville, along with all the other businesses for choosing Westville to operate their business. I am so proud to say that Westville is finally on the move.”