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Weymouth Township Man Sentenced to Five-Year Prison Term For Aggravated Assault

The State is expected to appeal the sentence since the court deviated from the original agreement and sentenced the defendant to a degree lower within the third-degree range.

On May 3, 2023, James Weinerman, 31, of Weymouth Twp., was sentenced by the Honorable Nancy Ridgway, J.S.C. to five years New Jersey State Prison subject to the No Early Release Act where he must serve 85% of his sentence before being eligible for parole on two counts of second-degree aggravated assault in connection with a September 2020 incident where he discharged a firearm at his girlfriend and police.

On Saturday, September 12, 2020, New Jersey State Troopers were detailed for a report of a domestic dispute at 33 South Jersey Avenue in Weymouth Twp., Atlantic County, New Jersey.

Ultimately, this led to the defendant barricading himself in his residence while in possession of multiple firearms, prompting the initiation of a response from multiple N.J.S.P. Units.

After speaking with Weinerman’s girlfriend, police learned that earlier in the day, a verbal argument escalated to the point where Weinerman wouldn’t let her and her children leave the residence.

Weinerman commented that nobody was going to be able to leave when he shot the engine block of her car. He then fired a single round from a long gun, striking the front of the victim’s car while she was within 10 feet of it.

A call was placed to 911. Weinerman barricaded himself inside the residence and refused to come out causing the N.J.S.P. to respond. Crisis negotiators established contact with Weinerman.

The N.J.S.P. T.E.A.M.S. Unit moved into position with two Bearcats (armored police vehicles) for a possible breach, if necessary. After approximately five minutes, Weinerman fired several rounds out of an open rear doorway in the direction of one of the Bearcats.

The Bearcat had approximately ten State Troopers either in the vehicle or behind it. These rounds also struck other unoccupied vehicles in proximity of the State Troopers, forcing police to retreat into the Bearcat for safety.

After several hours of negotiations, Weinerman agreed to exit the residence and surrender to law enforcement.

During his apprehension, Weinerman forcefully resisted arrest, prompting K-9 deployment and a subsequent bite when police attempted to handcuff him.

Weinerman’s original plea agreement, taken by the court on November 2, 2022, called for an eight-year New Jersey State Prison sentence subject to the No Early Release Act.

However, at the time of sentencing, and over the State’s objection, the court deviated from the original agreement between the defendant and the State and sentenced the defendant to a degree lower within the third-degree range.

The State is expected to appeal the sentence.


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