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Bellmawr Students Do Well On PARCC Tests

During last week’s meeting, the Bellmawr Board of Education (BOE) heard a presentation on the district’s PARCC scores from Director of Special Services, Dottie Specht, and Supervisor of Student Services, Roseanne Yezzo.

Of the district’s scores, School superintendent, Annette Castiglione, said: “We anticipated the absolute worst, but I think we did well in comparison to the State and compared to the other 22 PARCC states. We have a way to go, but I think we will get there.”

The district’s Power Point presentation, along with other district resources and information have been uploaded on the district’s website. Click here to be directed to the district’s information page on the PARCC test.

In other matters, the superintendent spoke about two tears in the Bell Oaks gym floor that need to be repaired. When the $75,000 floor was installed, the flooring material that had been selected was for use for sporting activities, not for use as a multi-purpose room, she said.

Business Administrator, Amy Capriotti, said that the cost to repair the two tears will be approximately $400 for labor because the district has some additional flooring left over from the installation. However, she said there is a limit as to how much leftover flooring material there is.

There was a question if there was a warranty for the floor and the superintendent responded: “It has not being always been used for its intended purpose of sporting activities.”

Going forward, there was discussion about groups being able to use the floor after the repairs are made and how the floor would be protected. The superintendent spoke of the possibility of finding alternative spaces and rooms within the Bell Oaks building instead of the gym.

After the repairs are made, Board President Eric Hoban said they will wait to see what recommendations the repairman has for the floor in terms of future use.

In other matters, the BOE thanked Mike Eckmeyer for his three years of service to the BOE.

The BOE voted to accept the Auditor’s Management Report and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015.

The superintendent stated: “The district’s audit came back absolutely clean, without a finding and with no material weakness.”

Castiglione spoke of the four-six week process when the auditors come to the district. She said: “They look at every expense and every single thing we do.”

The BOE recognized Business Administrator, Amy Capriotti, for her work in the business office.

All business on the BOE’s agenda was passed.

The BOE voted to accept the following donations through Donors Choose: a Flashforge Dreamer Printer and 3D printer supplies, two HP computers and one touchscreen display stand and two wireless keyboards and mouse.

The BOE approved an interlocal services agreement with Educational Information & Resource Center (EIRC) for tutoring services beginning January 4, 2016 for approximately 22-23 weeks for two part-time certified teachers for five half-days per week at $50 per hour. A half-day is considered three hours per day.

The superintendent said this tutoring is designated for first grade classes at Ethel Burke School to assist with class size reduction.

The BOE also voted to dismiss a grievance from the Bellmawr Education Association (BEA).

The BOE will meet for its reorganization on January 6, 2016 to swear in board members and to approve the Board meeting dates for the 2016 calendar year.

*Article originally appeared in the December 24, 2015 edition of the Gloucester City News.
*Article has been updated to include the most recent link to the district’s PARCC information page.