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Bellmawr Council Approves Best Practices Worksheet

At its Special Meeting on October 20, Bellmawr Council approved the Best Practices Worksheet.

At its Special Meeting on October 20, Bellmawr Council approved the Best Practices Worksheet. Chief Financial Officer, Maria Fasulo, explained to Mayor Frank Filipek and Council that this year, the questions were reduced from 30 to 50. Also, positive credit must be received on 22 questions. The Borough received 27 and scored 90%, she said.

Borough Administrator, Josh Tregear, added; “We’ve been around 81% the last couple years.”

Fasulo was asked to provide clarification for the three no responses.

As for question #3, that relates to the tax assessor and whether there is a written policy for him to notify the Chief Financial Officer and the governing body of all tax appeals, Fasulo said. “We do not have a policy in place, but we do speak about it every year during the budget.”


Regarding question #10, that relates to the auditor’s findings and further explanation is listed on the side, she said.

Best Practices Worksheet

As for question #26, that relates to compensation for accumulated sick leave covered by collective bargaining agreements and Fasulo said hopefully, that will be discussed during negotiations.

Best Practices Worksheet

Screenshots are from the 2016 Best Practices Worksheet. Click below to view the entire document.

Best Practices Worksheet

Reconstruction of Salem & Morris Aves.

The Caucus meeting followed the Special Meeting. Borough engineer, Thomas Cundey of Remington & Vernick, spoke about the reconstruction of Salem and Morris Avenues. He said that the ban on State funded projects was recently lifted and that the contractor is being contacted.

The contractor may have started other projects. Cundey is seeking confirmation as to when the contractor will be able to start and complete the project so that there isn’t an open road when winter comes.

Batting Cages

The bids for the batting cages came in high, Cundey said so he wrote to the State and is waiting to hear back.

Water Tank

This project should be going out to bid soon, Cundey said.

Next Meeting

Council meets on Thursday, October 27 at 7:00 p.m. in the courtroom of Borough Hall.