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Bellmawr Looks to Install Gates at Creek Road Basketball Court

To help enforce the dawn to dusk hours at the Creek Road basketball court, the Boro of Bellmawr is looking to install gates at the Creek Road basketball court.

Noting the growing popularity of the Creek Road basketball court, Councilman Jim D’Angelo said that the Borough is looking to install gates there. At Council’s February 22 meeting, D’Angelo said that the court is “the place to be” — even up until midnight. “That has to stop,” he said.

The basketball court opened in September, 2017. D’Angelo said the park is only open until dusk. He said: “To the residents who live on that side close to the basketball court, we are looking into installing gates to prohibit the cars from entering the basketball area at dusk…We will have the police patrol as well.”

He said that cars pull in and turn their headlights lights on, creating a lit basketball court. “If you eliminate the cars, you eliminate half the problem. The other half that come in without the cars, the police will chase them off,” he stated.

Mayor Frank Filipek asked about summer time and those who wish to visit the War Memorial. He said: “Close the basketball courts off, [at dusk] but I don’t know about closing the Memorial that we just put up.”

D’Angelo stated that estimates for the gates haven’t been received, but “we can’t keep getting complaints.” He said that visitors “can’t come in after dusk. If you would like to visit the memorial, you should be able to do it before dusk.”

He continued with his committee report by saying that work should begin at the Recreation Center playground soon. “The Rec Department and Public Works still have work to do at the hockey rinks prior to their tournament to make sure the rinks are up and running,” he said.

Bellmawr Recreation Center Playground
Mavic Pro Drone Photo of the Bellmawr Recreation Center playground by SJO

Excerpts from Committee Reports

Councilman Paul DeAngelis

Councilman Paul DeAngelis said that the Borough is still looking into expanding the Municipal Court area for the overcrowding.

Councilman Jamie Casey

Councilman Jamie Casey gave the figures for the Construction Zoning/Code Enforcement Office and said it was “pretty busy in 2017.”

  • Building permits 889
  • Fire 262
  • Electric 965
  • Plumbing 579
  • Mechanical 108

The fees collected from all of the different areas from the construction and zoning totalled $499,832. On the fire side for all of the permits, fees, and inspections totaled $40,650 — for a grand total of $540,482, Casey said. “Jim [Burleigh] does a great job with enforcing the codes and makes sure everybody is up-to-date with the fire and our zoning laws.”

Councilman Steve Sauter

Under Public Works, Sauter said that all divisions are operating smoothly and there are no major problems.

He stated that contractors will be doing the paving on Old Kings Highway at the top portion of Vaughn Avenue.

On January 29, the Sewer Department had its second water main break of the year. “This break was located on Wilson Avenue. Employees of the sewer, water, and highway departments did an outstanding job getting that under control for us,” Sauter said.

He also spoke about plans to reconstruct the corner of Browning Road and Canals Parking lot. In January, Bellmawr Beatification Committee members, landscape engineers, and the Borough’s engineering firm held an on-site meeting and plans are being developed to revitalize that corner.

Councilman Steve Hagerty

Councilman Hagerty said that police presence has been upped around the schools and random walk-throughs are performed.

As for fire, there were 89 fire calls for January and 271 EMS calls. The Fire Department and EMS completed their annual re-certifications as required by the State.

The new ladder truck is expected to be delivered shortly.

Councilman Ray Bider

Councilman Ray Bider stated that the Annual Debt statement has been submitted without any difficulty or problems. The annual Financial Statement has been submitted and things look “very good there as well,” he said. “The Budget presentation will be on March 22 to show you where we are. You are going to see the hard work that is done – especially with Shared Services that save a tremendous amount of money for our community.”

As for schools, pre-K and Kindergarten registration are underway. “They are working on an open space grant at Bell Oaks for gardens and a greenhouse,” Bider said.

Mayor Frank Filipek

Mayor Frank Filipek said he “salutes our employees for doing a great job. We have to patrol some of the sites we are having trouble with. Budget looks good.”

Public Portion

A Spruce Avenue resident addressed Mayor and Council about an ongoing issue concerning a neighbor’s bush.

Rose Avenue residents addressed Mayor and Council about tractor-trailer traffic coming down their street. They asked about the possibility of having “no trucks” signs installed.

On March 7, the Bellmawr Police Department announced new signage has been posted along Barr, Rose, Todd, and Hart Avenues indicating “No Trucks.” The sign also remains at Hall Avenue and Creek Road. “The areas are being monitored for violations. All trucks are to use the entrances at Rt. 168 or Leaf Ave. to enter Benigno Blvd.” the post stated.

Agenda items

All business on council’s agenda was approved. Councilman Steve Sauter abstained with the exception of expenses that relate to monthly pest control.



With regard to Resolution, #2:74-18, approving the list of Bellmawr Fire Department volunteers participating in the Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP) for 2017, Councilman D’Angelo asked: “Are we at max?”

Borough Clerk, Frani Wright, responded: “Yes, $1,150. That is the State guideline.”

Council also approved Resolution #02-82-18 — authorizing the establishment of the Bellmawr Redevelopment Authority and naming seven appointees to serve on the committee.

Video of Council’s Committee Reports