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Bellmawr Redevelopment Partners, LLC Applies for Change of Corporate Structure

Bellmawr Redevelopment Partners, LLC has made an application to the Borough of Bellmawr for a change of corporate structure.

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Application has been made to the Borough of Bellmawr for a change of corporate structure of Bellmawr Redevelopment Partners, LLC, according to a recently published Legal Notice.

The Legal Notice states: “Bellmawr Redevelopment Partners, LLC is the owner of the unsited Plenary Retail Consumption License #0404-33-009-004, resulting in the following members of Bellmawr Redevelopment Partners, LLC owning 100% shareholder interest in the company. John Contrevo… [and] Denise Esposito… [of] Sewell.”

Any objections should be made immediately in writing to Francine Wright, Clerk of the Borough of Bellmawr, Municipal Building, 21 E Browning Road, Bellmawr, New Jersey 08031.

In 2016, Mark Matthews of 42 Freeway reported that the Bellmawr Landfill redevelopers took ownership of the Pennant Rock Club’s liquor license in 2015.

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