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Boro of Bellmawr 2016 Introduced Budget Available Online *Updated

(*Article was originally posted on April 1, 2016 and has been updated updated twice.)

*Article updated on April 6, 2016 to include the updated bill list, which was provided on April 5. South Jersey Observer redacted the address on page 3 as it relates to the Comcast bill in the amount of $113.88. When contacted for comment about the bill, Borough Administrator, Josh Tregear responded via email on April 6:

The services provided by Comcast are for phone & internet service. The internet provides the Mayor with the ability to maintain his Boro of Bellmawr ( email account. The phone service for the Mayor is a publicly listed number providing for additional accessibility to Borough residents. This expense is listed on the monthly Approved Bill list and voted on by Borough Council.”

March 30 Bill List – Updated

*Article updated on April 5, 2016 to include responses received from Borough Administrator, Josh Tregear. My March 30, 2016 email asked if there was a loan amount and purpose for Resolution #03-86-16, which authorized a loan application from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program because as approved there was no purpose or loan amount listed.

FullSizeRender (6)

Tregear wrote:

“The purpose of this loan is for various water system improvements to the Borough’s drinking water infrastructure. This includes the replacement and installation of a number of water mains, assorted valve replacements, and the upgrade of 30 fire hydrants. The loan amount applied for is $1.28 mil.”

As for the bill list, Tregear wrote: “Yes, there were additions. Maria Fasulo (CFMO) will provide you with an updated list.”

Councilman Steve Hagerty said during the March 30 council meeting that the Borough’s budget would be available online through the Borough’s website.

The Borough’s 2016 Introduced Budget can be viewed by clicking below:

2016 Introduced Budget

Of the budget, Hagerty said: “We are looking at a local increase on an average assessed home in town of three cents. That is the municipality. We do not know the school or the state yet. The adoption is scheduled for April 28 at the council meeting.”

Continuing with his report, Hagerty also stated: “Fire and EMS have been very busy. A lot of that has to do with the construction that is going on and people trying to beat the traffic on the Black Horse Pike. I will talk to the Chief (William Walsh) to see if we can get a better look at that at rush hours when traffic is heavier.”

As for Fire, Hagerty said: “We are sad to announce that Bellmawr Park lost a lifetime member with the passing of Mr. (Michael) Narducci. Mayor and Council wish to express our condolences to the family.”

For Police, Hagerty said: “We spoke with the School Board and the superintendent, Annette Castiglione, about the parking situation at Bellmawr Park. It seems like it is somewhat a little better, but the majority of it is just communication between the parents picking up and dropping their kids off at school. We know it is a school and there’s going to be heavy volumes. If there is communication between the parents and the people that live in that area having a little respect for one another, I think it could be smooth. We had a couple of cops out there.”

Hagerty also spoke of a handicapped sign that has been placed on Windsor Drive to serve as a “heads up” for the people traveling through that street.

Mayor Frank Filipek stated: “I think the people of Bellmawr will be very happy with our budget, it will probably be one of the lowest in the area.”

Councilmen Spector, D’Angelo, Sauter, and Bider also gave reports. Councilman Paul Sandrock was absent from the meeting.

Following are excerpted portions from the councilmen’s reports:

Councilman David Spector:

The Borough of Bellmawr has received the Community Block Grant from the County of Camden. Plans are to install the ADA compliant person lift for handicapped residents and install stairs making them ADA compliant as well. This project has been waiting necessary funding and will be completed by our borough maintenance workers.

Borough employees will be planting spring flowers throughout the municipality in all locations also more signage to welcome folks traveling through our town.

Councilman Jim D’Angelo:

Opening day for baseball and softball is April 9. Roberts Avenue playground is continuing to be refurbished. We had a minor bit of vandalism on Kennedy Boulevard, but it was fixed in a day.

Councilman Steve Sauter:

Under Public Works, the department has been extremely busy assisting other departments with water and sewer main breaks and the playground rehabilitation for Roberts Avenue Park.

As the weather is turning warmer, the highway department will be performing reconstruction projects on these roadways: Campanell Avenue, Devon, and Haag Avenue.

In addition, the following walking tracks are scheduled for asphalt rehabilitation: Sixth Avenue Park, the Rec Center, and Sauter Park on Park Drive.

Other projects awaiting DEP approval or funding include: recreation enhancement with the waterfront access located on Creek Road, and replacement of all street signs with high intensity lettering and the blue Bellmawr coloring.

Our administrative department has been compiling records and data for the January 23 storm (Jonas) for FEMA reimbursement. They’ve been working hand and hand with Jim Burleigh.

As a further reminder, all vegetative waste will be collected on Wednesdays and should be placed out in the containers. Brush should be tied and bundled. We would appreciate if everyone could comply.

Also, I would like to congratulate Pat Gallagher from the Public Works Department on completing his Rutgers sponsored certified (requirements for) Public Works Coordinator.

Councilman Ray Bider:

Adding on to what Steve (Hagerty) said: April 27 is the date for the final approval for the school board budget. It has been submitted to the county. At this point, it appears that local and Black Horse Pike Regional School District combined increase to the town is going to be in the two cent range. It will become official barring no county involvement. So you are dealing with a small decrease with one and a small increase with the other, which should balance almost equal.

VFW 9563 and VFW 7410 will be selling poppies in the next couple of weeks. The poppies represent the bloodshed of the American soldiers. All of the funds do go back to local VFWs for their own veterans. If anyone needs memorial flags or markers for a grave, in New St. Mary’s or another cemetery, please let me or another member of the VFW know because we will be putting them out the second week of May. If you have a relative or friend at a cemetery not in Bellmawr, please ask.

The VFW 9563 on Essex Avenue has been painted by the painters union. They brought about 20 painters and painted the entire outside of the building, at no charge to the VFW. However, the VFW had to pay for the paint, but not any of the labor.

In other matters:

The Bellmawr Purple Eagles Cheerleading squads and their coaches were presented with certificates for placing first in recent competitions. For their wins, the squads will be given a pizza party courtesy of Mayor and Council.

Bellmawr Purple Eagles cheerleader Emily Reckard is congratulated by Councilmen Ray Bider (left) and Steve Hagerty (rear)
The family of Brian McGlinchey was honored with a Memorial Condolence Resolution. Mr. McGlinchey passed away suddenly on January 11, 2016. He was a coach, head coach, general manager, league representative and also vice president of the Bellmawr Purple Eagles. He was also a basketball referee and a member of the IAABO.

The family of Brian McGlinchey receives a memorial condolence from Councilmen Ray Bider (left) and Steve Hagerty (right).
Mike “Juice” Williams was also recently honored with a safety award by the Camden County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund (JIF). Williams said he was surprised by the award. He stated: “Although I was humbled and honored when I received the award, it is a team effort. I share this award with all of my employees and supervisors. I also thank Mayor and Council for making Bellmawr a safe place to work.”

Mike “Juice” Williams is congratulated by Council President, Steve Sauter.
Williams has been Bellmawr’s Safety Coordinator for 33 years, works for the Borough’s highway department, and is also a member of the Bellmawr Board of Education.


Lou DiAngelo spoke about the Camden County Block Development Grant that will be used so the Borough Hall will be handicapped accessible and ADA complaint. DiAngelo said that the Borough has been working on this for about five-seven years. He explained that there were 10 different applicants and five were taken.

“Bellmawr was number one out of the five and will receive $106,000,” DiAngelo stated. He credited Public Works Director, Joe Ciano, for his work in getting the grant proposals together.

A resident of Brown Avenue asked about the possibility of installing a speed bump on her street because of speeding cars. She said that as the first through street coming off of the Black Horse Pike, she would like consideration of having a speed bump placed on Brown Avenue. Mayor Filipek asked Councilman Steve Hagerty to speak with Chief William Walsh about the matter.

Hagerty also said that Captain Craig Wilhelm retired from the Bellmawr Police Department after 33 years.

Captain Wilhelm started working in the department in 1983 as a dispatcher and worked his way through the ranks as dispatcher, special officer, patrolman, corporal, lieutenant, and Captain.

All business on the council meeting agenda was passed.

March 30, 2016 Council Meeting Agenda

Ordinance #03:08-16: First reading and introduction of Bond Ordinance of the Borough of Bellmawr that provides for the purpose of one 29-yard Peterbilt trash truck for the sanitation department and appropriating the sum of $220,000.00 and authoring the issuance of $195,000.00 for the financing of said appropriation.

Resolution #03:85-16 authorizing a shared services agreement between the Board of Education of Sterling High School District doing business as South Jersey Technology Partnership (SJTP) for services that may include, but are not limited to, business office services, technical support, electrical, curriculum services, Ahera (asbestos) services, HVAC, plumbing, custodial, construction management, maintenance services, and supplies and materials.

Resolution #03-86-16 authorizing application for loan from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program.*

Resolution #03:91-16 authorizing payment of the March bills. The bill list was provided on March 21 in response to an OPRA request.*

Mayor and Council will meet next for its caucus on Thursday, April 14 at 5:00 p.m. in the conference room at Borough Hall. April’s monthly council meeting will be held on Thursday, April 28 at 7:00 p.m. in the courtroom at Borough Hall.

*Notes: Concerning Resolution #03-86-16: An email was sent on March 30 to Borough Clerk, Chuck Sauter, and Business Administrator, Josh Treagar, asking about the loan amount and the purpose of the loan. The email also asked if there were any changes or additions to the bill list. 

*Additionally, council meeting minutes were not approved during the meeting.


7 replies on “Boro of Bellmawr 2016 Introduced Budget Available Online *Updated”

Great work Anne in getting these important items publicized.

The bill item about the mayor’s phone and cable bill being paid by the town caught my eye.

It’s ironic because it’s rare for the mayor to return an email. The utility bill paying for the mayor must be legal and may be common in other towns but I have to state the obvious: If you are going to bill the town for your service please at least be responsive and courteous to the residents when they contact you. You are a public servant and are supposed to answer to the people in town.

They’re operating like no one’s watching and they’re not making it easy for you. We need to vote these rubber stampers out in November.

Adding to the “It’s ironic because it’s rare for the mayor to return an email” comment…Over the years I had emailed the mayor several times, and found out that he didn’t check his own email. Staff would check for him and print them out!

I’m so grateful we have someone in town that is working in the public interest. We just want to KNOW where our money is going. We have a right to know, and to have some influence in the decision making process. We trust our elected officials to act in the public interest, and it’s disheartening when it feels like we have to call them out on the carpet for being secretive.

What we can clearly see in the very short time that Anne Forline has been getting this information, is the chasm between what taxpayers are told and what is really happening. It might be that we need this loan or that new position, but in order to get these things we are allowed the right to speak about it and ask questions. Maybe I want to see the study that shows we need something before I sign a check for over a MILLION dollars. A million dollars we don’t have considering we have to take out a loan. Working night shift means I can’t go to council meetings, but that doesn’t mean I can’t speak. I can’t wait to write in my first EMAIL to the mayor on the email he checks from HOME.

I don’t know if anyone else has seen this, but David Spector has posted that his new mission is “transparency” and e-government services. What a disgrace! What a joke! Isn’t that exactly what Ms. Forline is trying to get down to with all of these articles? And isn’t that what Spector’s cronies were pushing back on just a few months ago? The mayor himself outright laughs at people that ask questions and mocks the journalism working to expose this. It was ok for Spector and council to participate in the secret meetings and closed door discussions up until now, so what’s changed? Why is he the crusader? And what has HE done to further the cause? Or is he just riding Ms. Forline’s coat tails on a hot button issue to win favor with the voters. This is exactly what we have had enough of from the “incumbents”!!

In regards to Spector riding the coattails of Anne Forline he is also coming in and taking over without giving any credit where credit is due. He’s been on council for 4 months and TOOK OVER where Councilman Duncan left off. Getting the finishing touches put on making the boro hall handicapped accessible/ADA compliant was Councilman Hagertys doing. Spector was handed the job and is going around patting himself on the back. Sounds like he was trained from the best when it comes to needing accolades. His boss that he doesn’t have listed as his boss on his Spector for council page embarrassed a town resident when she had to blast exactly what she gave as a donation at the residents benefit held for her to help with medical bills. If you elect Dave Spector you elect Lynda Hinkle too. Frick and Frack

Omg!, I started reading into some of these little articles.

The johnnies liquor debate
The councilman abstaining from a vote
The millions of dollars being approved to take down perfectly fine items and replace them

The abstaining from voting on the police debate

Abstaining from abstaining debates. Lol

Not letting bloggers in meetings notating that the mayor doesn’t want every single one of his words available to be read. (If the public showed up they’d hear it anyway)

Oh, And aren’t they talking about going online with the meetings. …talk about blogging.

And on…..and on……and on…..

Yes it’s late.

I just got home from my second job to pay for all this crap!

Where do I start….I think the problem. Is I’ll never end.

Ok, Email/Comcast bill issue. I dunno who the dunce is paying this bill..However when you buy…build…maintain your website you get email.

I.e. Dumbazz @ Heck even your do it yourselfers give email options.

Phone bill.? Really, I would just assume he’d have a # like every single other employee in bellmawr. (But if it’s a hundo for his) That must be a hundo for everyone else’s?

Re-pave surfaces that don’t need it…Come on.

No insurance on a million dollar firetruck???? These are trained professionals whose every day job is responding to accidents. You’d think that if anyone would be able to avoid an accident it would be the people responding to one.

And totaling the truck..does anyone know how freakishly big these things are? I’m pretty sure you’d have to launch one into or orbit to accomplish that.

And who responded to that..Since it sounds like we only got one truck. I’M PUTTING IN MY BID TO BE THE NEXT CITY INSURANCE COMPANY! (Collect all that money with no payouts )

And ok, How about we get a used fire truck and save some money????

Tooo crazy…I don’t think,Since our supposed,last firetruck,was like 30 years old.

That would make anything new right???

Spending money to fix the rental homes. Obviously I am for the children having the best possible environment.

Although these rentals are income based and are next to free considering the astronomical burden of the (privilege) of owning one of the highest taxed homes in the surrounding area.

So more and more families and less and less tax paying homeowners.

Yes Bellmawr is awesome! If your a Renter If your in the local government The school system whatever.

As long as you are not a Tax paying homeowner!

Brand New Trash truck….To F-up! The first day…Why…?.stay with me…….Cause your gonna throw garbage in it. Omg!

Anyone??? Hello????

The whole reason no one’s mad is cause no one’s paying!

The people who are paying are either 100 years old Or too busy working just not to be homeless (Cause all the free rentals are suckers up) Or foreclosed! (You know it ,cause you wanna charge the banks for the houses looking like crap)

Who in the world says let’s dig up the basketball sets and relocate them? I mean they’re already built, cut, dug,set, the works to be a certain height. So changing that, is knocking 2 to 3 feet off the pole which will make the 1st graders be able to slam it like Michael Jordan!

So we can tear down fences,basketball courts signs posts whatever the other one million things of crap this penuis. .. Ooops, I mean genius of a mayor we got.

And if you other geniuses wanna complain about abstaining then instead of spending 3 hours posting your baby’s poo on space book Research,research research,

I have previously held a (B.S.) local government title. Board of Education

And at our meetings we delt with the same crap go over everything vote etc etc. I had found myself abstaining from almost every vote.

Reason being is always. ..always some sort of conflict of interest.

We had 3 Italian men And 2 African American Women

So if we had 2 white votes yes And two black votes no…That made me the deciding vote. And if I voted with the men were accused of racism.

It was ok for them But not for us. Therefore I abstain

And you spend my 37 percent of income like it’s free.

But you bust the councilmans balls. Therefore making you A…Stain.

Remember he’s not…Not, being supportive. He’s keeping the town from getting sued and increasing the towns attorneys fees.

And the liqour store was not caught selling heroin. There were individuals named that lived in the town that got caught…that are still in jail. DON’T get me wrong I do not support that either.

And if you’ve lost a loved one I am sorry. I actually donate my time to the real drug problem.


So go picket there…but no I get it. It’s too far,,,or too dangerous or too inconvenient.

But that’s where my friends and family drug addicts have gone. So I volunteer there to try and help turn people around.

And it’s like beating your head against a wall. But if you get one person…you succeeded!

And it’s real easy to get your town almost to full capacity, business wise, when you give tax abatements. So cut that crap too!

So you have businesses with out of town workers putting no money back into the town

You have income based rentals that are back logged 3 years thus no taxes being paid this no income there….

Hmmmmm, Let’s see…Oh yeah. We successfully increased the taxes on the few homeowners still here.

I hope the price on Dogfood doesn’t go up. Cause that’s all my grandparents can afford to eat now.

This comment is outta control and I should be sleeping from my second job cause I gotta go to my 1st job in an hour or two.


To reiterate, Stop paying for one email and phone line when everyone else in the town government and school has one and does not pay a cent.

(Not that a $100 means anything )


Used fire truck You can pick one up for $10-$20k

Used trash truck again $10-$20k

Am I the only freaking guy with the light bulb on?

I think I just saved you $40 million!

Checks and balances Look it up.

I can take you to wells Fargo for a day trip and explain the checking account process And we’ll open you an acct and get you a free toaster 🙂

All things aside I do have the ability to save the town millions with one simple concept. But, I’m not gonna throw it out here for free so one of the geniuses can say it was their Idea Anyway

I’ll finish this later. Thank you and God bless

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