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Stratford Joint Land Use Board to Hear Application for Laurel Mills Redevelopment Project Sept. 9

The Stratford Joint Land Use Board will hear the application of Laurel Mills LLC on Sept. 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the Justice Facility.

The Stratford Joint Land Use Board will hear the application of Laurel Mills LLC on September 9, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.* in the Justice Facility.

SJO previously reported that Laurel Mills LLC has taken title to the property located at 102 Warwick Road and plans to build townhomes and a retail facility.

Preliminary and final major subdivision approval is being sought in order to subdivide the existing lot into 74 lots consisting of 70 building lots, three open space lots, and one common area lot, according to a recently published Legal Notice. There are also plans to construct a 14,000 square foot retail facility and 80 townhouse units, including 16 affordable housing units, on the property.

According to NJ Parcels, Laurel Mills purchased the property on July 29, 2002 for $1,250,000.

Laurel Mills Stratford
Screenshot: NJ Parcels

Stratford residents have expressed concern about this project. Diana Gonzales, a 37-year resident of the Laurel Mills section, reached out to SJO to ask if we were doing a follow up post to this story since the matter is now scheduled to be heard by the Joint Land Use Board.

Ms. Gonzales saw a need in the community to have a place where residents could discuss the Borough’s redevelopment plans so she started a private Facebook page called: “Stratford Advocates for Responsible Redevelopment” and serves as the pages’s moderator. “We got over 200 members in 24 hours to our page that promotes respect for differences in opinions. It’s going well,” she wrote.

She asked if a few quotes from residents could be included in our updated post.

SJO did reach out to Mayor Keenan on August 12, 2019 to ask if he would like to provide a quote for this story. As of this writing, he has not responded, but will provide an update to this post to include his quote if he does.

John Gentless Mayor Emeritus Stratford:

Stratford can soon become a chock-a-block (crowded, jammed) community. If you follow Stratford’s intended development, as of now, more than 125 units, some 80 townhouses some divided into apartments, on Warwick Road with affordable housing, and some 48 townhouses on Bryant Avenue/Berlin Road next to the townhouses already there with their traffic problems, are already planned. And this is policy even with some 60+ abandoned private homes with no plan from our elected officials to address their future occupancy.

Time to raise a red flag?

Before any residential projects are approved, has borough council even formally considered their impact on roads, sewer, trash, police, fire, public works, administration and, yes schools?

Our elected mayor and council will say they have nothing to do with school taxes. Don’t they realize that these residential developments add students, teachers aids, and possibly a new wing?

A feasibility study should be done on what we residents want our community to be, not giving carte-blanche to any and all developers to tell us what’s good for our town.

A responsible, multi-year development plan should come from this; we used to be a foremost” Camden County community.

Why are we running from that word?

Rob Stone

I am a 50 year resident of Stratford, and a member of Stratford Advocates for Responsible Redevelopment.

I cannot believe that our Mayor, Council and Joint Use Land Board (JULB) would approve this proposal. 80 townhouse in the middle of town will impact a few things, increased traffic and a strain on the all ready overcrowded school system.

The owner/developer has not been a friend to the town since he bought the once striving shopping center. He let the center fall into disrepair, to get the taxes lowered on the property.

80 homes are way too many. Apparently, he is calling the shots, not our elected officials or hand picked JULB.

Council even gave him a 5 year tax abatement on the property. There are better uses for the property, that council can’t understand.

How about an over 55 complex with more retail space?

The developer is only calling for 14,000 square feet now.

The over 55 complex would have a smaller footprint than 80 townhouses, more green/open space.

We know the owner bought the property to make money. We have no problem with this, but [he is] making money on the backs of the Stratford taxpayer.

Council and the JULB should vote no, and have him come back with something better, like the over 55 Complex and more retail space.

Thomas Stone

I’ve been a resident of Stratford since 1999 and the Incollingo’s Shopping Center was pretty much full at the time. I’ve seen it go downhill since.

With all the complaints going on about how much of an eyesore it is, I think anything that’s in the works is a positive thing.

If they want to put housing there that’s fine. It’s called progress.

At this point, why not? Because nothing has been happening since it started to tank. So basically, I’m for whatever goes.

Also from what I’ve read, there will be some commercial space, and everyone is complaining about no commercial.

Nobody will ever be happy with what happens to that lot. I’m also willing to bet that nobody will be happy with the Bradlees site once that gets going.

[*Post was updated on 8/24/2019 at 9:50 a.m. to reflect the date of the meeting change.*]

13 replies on “Stratford Joint Land Use Board to Hear Application for Laurel Mills Redevelopment Project Sept. 9”

This needs to get voted down. This plan will hurt the already struggling schools and put a drain on the towns resources. This plan will not bring in enough taxes to cover the amount of new students. The plan will cause the town to raise taxes.

Why does the town want to get rid of the businesses? Does Mayor Keenan approve of this plan? Businesses pay taxes and require no resources. They do not send children into the school district. Getting rid of these businesses is harmful. This will be tax revenue, they will never get back.

There is so much corruption in this town. Stratford will continue to force this down our throats. I wonder who is getting a kickback from this.

Hey David, why don’t you stop by a meeting and enlighten everyone as to who these people are? Comments like yours our very offensive and lack any real factual backing.

I thought Frank Hartman quit. He walked out in the middle of the council meeting and said “I quit!” How is he allowed to keep his position?

Diana, this meeting doesn’t mean anything. Mike Mancini, Frank Hartman and others already have their vote in. They are going to vote yes, no matter what. JLUB won’t be able to vote down this application. This is just a formality. It has already been approved through the redevelopment plan. It’s nice that people care but council has already ruined our town. RIP Stratford.

Well that makes some sense as to why Mike has blocked me and others, and Frank berated my friend, on our town social media page when we questioned the redevelopement plan.

Robert whoever you are. You might want to inform yourself before making false statements. I (Mike Mancini) do not vote on this. I am recused due to my proximity to the project (within 200ft).

I get that JLUB has mirrored the applicants plan so it will pass, but they are going to have a room full of eyes and questions to hold them accountable.

Frank Hartman needs to be removed from office. He attacks people, in person and on social media.

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