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Bellmawr Council Approves Resolution Supporting Interchange at Exit 3 of the Turnpike For Direct Access onto Rt. 42

The Boro of Bellmawr supports the Fifth Legislative District’s request to the NJTA to construct an interchange for direct access onto Rt. 42 at Exit 3 of the Turnpike.

At their December 15, 2020, meeting Bellmawr Council unanimously approved a Resolution supporting the Fifth Legislative District’s request to examine alternate plans for exit 3 as part of New Jersey Turnpike authority’s (NJTA) planned lane expansion project.

When asked for clarification about this Resolution, Mayor Chuck Sauter explained that this is for “the overflow traffic at the turnpike at exit 3. “They [NJTA] are doing a plan to see what they can do with the overflow of traffic and they needed support on that from Runnemede and Bellmawr.”

The Borough supports the request made by representatives of the Fifth Legislative District to the NJTA to examine alternate plans for Exit 3 as part of the planned lane expansion project, the Resolution reads. “The project would help alleviate longstanding traffic congestion issues in the surrounding community.”

Exit 3 of the New Jersey Turnpike (Image credit: Google)

The Resolution states that representatives of the Fifth Legislative District have requested that the NJTA review potential solutions for relieving traffic congestion issues “by directing some of the traffic towards a major highway, and away from local neighborhoods.”

“The project will improve the ancillary issues that arise because of traffic incidents, local neighborhood quality of life issues, and roadway preservation problems due, in part, [because] of the configuration of Exit 3 on the New Jersey Turnpike in the Boroughs of Runnemede and Bellmawr,” the Resolution reads.

“The project will allow the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to construct an interchange at Exit 3 for direct access onto Route 42” in Bellmawr and Runnemede.

To view the Resolution in detail, click the image below:

All other business on Council’s agenda was approved.