Updates From Bellmawr Business Alliance & Zoning Board

The Borough of Bellmawr has uploaded the minutes from the March 15 Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting and for the March 22 Bellmawr Business Alliance meeting.

From the Business Alliance meeting, excerpts from the minutes indicate the following topics were discussed:

The digital sign at the corner of Black Horse Pike and Browning Road is scheduled to be up and running around May 1st.

Plans for Recreation Enhancement to the Waterfront access of Timber Creek on Creek Road: nice view and picnic area with most of the work being done in house by the Borough of Bellmawr workers.

The County will be milling and paving Creek Road, Brooklawn Circle to Booth Drive, with the project commencing shortly.

The Borough is preparing for the building of a new water tower at Warren Avenue.

The Borough will be installing new street signs.

Bellmawr Police Chief William Walsh spoke about Conrail’s recent train breakdown and also about a mapping program for businesses with cameras to aid in crime control.

The Municipal Code is being re-codified and will be made available to the public through a searchable database on the Borough’s website.

Click below to read the minutes from the March 22 Business Alliance meeting:

March, 2016 Business Alliance Minutes

During its March 16 meeting, the Zoning Board had two appeal cases on its agenda.

The minutes indicate that the first matter involves replacing the broken sign at the Liquor Mart on Browning Road with the same size, but with the addition of a blinking sign. The applicant, Sudip Patel, made a request to add a 24″ X 48″ digital sign that would be illuminated until 10:00 p.m. each evening. The board questioned Patel as to the colors and he agreed to use colors that were within the ordinance. He also agreed to remove the two signs that are not permitted in accordance with the Borough ordinance.

The minutes indicate that a Mr. Mulligan questioned the scrolling sign. He is concerned about light coming into his and others’ homes and that a flashing, scrolling sign would be a distraction to passing vehicles. He is also concerned about trucks that park in the lot overnight.

Additionally, a Mr. Tralie was sworn in. He is concerned about property values and doesn’t see the need for a big sign in a residential area. He stated he can “see the beer signs and all the vehicles coming and going.” He also voiced concern over the two lower signs being removed.

The Zoning Board members questioned Patel as to lumens brightness (LED), but he could not answer the question.

Patel was granted a continuance until the April 19 Zoning Board Meeting so that he could provide adequate testimony.

The second matter involves Bellmawr-Browning, LLC, of 82 East Browning Road.

According to the minutes, Bellmawr-Browning LLC currently owns the property. The site is also known as the former Dealers Service and United Rentals. Scott Orens is also noted as an owner and Orens Development, Inc. is an affiliate of Bellmawr-Browning LLC.

The site is approximately 5.11 acres and has four principal structures.

Application was made to the Zoning Board for permission to allow for leasing portions of the building and outside storage area “for other commercial uses that are harmonious with the applicant’s use.”

The proposed uses are for leasing are: carpentry, cabinet workshop, auto and truck repair, furniture storage, auto detailing, and storage of gym weight equipment.

The Board passed a motion to approve the use variance for the tenant to repair FedEx box trucks. The zoning board granted a site plan waiver and conditioned the approval on several factors, among them: hours of limitation are from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. six days a week with no outside work being performed on any vehicles. After hours, vehicles are to be parked outside and all tenants within the buildings must go through the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) process.

To read the full minutes from the meeting, see below.

March 2016 Zoning Board Minutes