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Permanent PFNA System Delivered to Bellmawr’s Warren Ave. Treatment Plant; Apartment Trash & Recycling To Be Privatized

In late December, 2022, the permanent PFNA System was delivered to the Warren Avenue treatment plant. Also, it was announced that an outside company will be contracted to pick up the trash and recycling for the apartments in town.

On December 21, 2022, the permanent PFNA system was delivered to the Warren Avenue treatment plant, Councilman Jim D’Angelo announced at the January 26, 2023 monthly meeting of Mayor and Council.

“Two massive tanks were transported from Lancaster to our Warren Avenue plant. Then, a 225-ton crane lifted them and other apparatus into the newly constructed PFNA filtration room.”

Councilman D’Angelo extended thanks to the Bellmawr Police Department for traffic control, to Father Piotr from St. Joachim for the use of the school parking lot as the staging area, and finally, to the Highway Division employees for fencing the gate and for route assistance. The roof construction has begun and should be completed soon.

Councilman D’Angelo then addressed the Borough’s recent announcement to privatize recycling and trash pick-up for the apartments only.

“I want to be clear when I say this because I want everybody to understand: We are not in any way privatizing our Public Works Division.  It was reported that we are going out for bid to privatize the picking up of recycling and trash for the apartments in town. This only relates to the apartments and was a legal decision by the State.”

Department of Public Works Director Joe Ciano added: “In town, we have in-house trash collection. We do every residential home, but when it comes to the apartments, the Borough is not equipped with front-load trash compactors. To convert to rear-loading containers would be outrageous so we just figured it’d be easier to bid out the apartments.”

A member of the public asked about the privatization and said: “The Highway Department in town does a great job.”

Councilman D’Angelo reiterated that the privatization relates only to the apartments.

Continuing with his report, Councilman D’Angelo said that Spring Cleanup is scheduled for March 13-March 24, 2023.

“We are now in the process of notifying residents that they have to have their leaves out at the curb line in open containers on Wednesday for the vegetative waste pick up.”

As for upcoming projects, the sewer division is currently working with Bach Associates for the installation of Goodwin Dri-Prime backup pumps at the Booth Drive Pump Station and the Turnpike Station. They are designed to handle the entire flow of the lift station.

“We are hoping for a late spring bid opening,” Councilman D’Angelo said.

In 2022, there was an increase in water line breaks — bringing the total to 28.

In 2021, there were 17. “So it’s going to cost us more money, unfortunately,” Councilman D’Angelo said.

Councilman Ray Bider

In February, the Rec Committee will be meeting with a representative from each organization to go over expectations and parameters for their upcoming seasons.

Under finance, the annual financial statements won’t be uploaded on the Borough website until after March 5.

The annual debt statement has been finalized for this year. It has been submitted to the auditor for his review and then, it will also be posted online. Bellmawr’s net debt is approximately 1.4 percent, which is under by 2 percentage points.

The temporary budget is being worked on.

Councilman Bill Evans

The quarterly Bellmawr Business Alliance meeting will be at the Club Diner on February 22 for the businesses in town. “We’re hoping all of the businesses can come out.”

Mayor Chuck Sauter

“We are extremely proud of the Bellmawr Purple Eagles,” Mayor Sauter said. January’s meeting marks the end of Zoom meetings. In February, Live-Stream will start up again.

Bellmawr Purple Eagles Honored

Mayor and Council honored the 105-pound and 65-pound Purple Eagles Football Teams.

The 105-pound team was honored as West Jersey Youth Football League Undefeated Champions.

The 105-pound Purple Eagles West Jersey Youth Football League Undefeated Champions.

The 65-pound team was honored as Undefeated Rose Bowl Champions.

Coach George Colucci, Jr. said: “Thank you to Mayor and Council for having us here tonight. I’ve been here thirty-something years. It’s a great organization. Hopefully, we just keep growing and growing. We had a great group with the little guys moving up the ladder and this group right here is special – two seasons and they haven’t lost a game. I am proud to coach them all.”

The 65-Pound Purple Eagles Undefeated Rose Bowl Champions (SJO Photo)

As Chair of the Rec Department and as a former Purple Eagles Coach, Councilman Ray Bider said: “I am extremely proud. I coached for about 20 years starting in 1971. We were good then and you guys are still terrific today. Keep up the good work and we hope that next year we will see four teams here.”

After the presentation of the Certificates, one player, Rylan Clark, asked to shake hands with Mayor and Council.

All smiles, Rylan asked to shake everyone’s hands. (SJO Photo)

Agenda Items

All business on the meeting agenda was approved.